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Zonker Streamer SBS by Dron Lee

Zonker Streamer by Dron Lee
Zonker Streamer by Dron Lee

Dron Lee is an artist when it comes to putting string fur and feathers onto a hook, and his creations push traditional boundaries, balancing realism with practicality. Dron’s flies are always clean, precise and impressive. His take on the Zonker Streamer is no less innovative. A lot of thought is put into each streamer, mimicking the coloration of the natural prey species, adjusting the action of the fly and the look of the fly in the water are all aspects taken into consideration. To provide a smoother level swimming zonker, Dron adds weight off the bend of the hook with a bead and mono as well as at the head with bead chain eyes.

The body is built up section by section of multiple colors of rabbit fur clipped from zonked strips. This, mixed in with a little bit of UV Ice Dubbing, creates a realistic looking baitfish profile. The colors are adjusted depending on the species of bait fish being tied.

You can have a look at Dron’s Step by Step Zonker Streamer on his site Fly Tying Nation.

Zonker Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: #4 Straight eye streamer
Thread: 6/0 match to body color
Tail: Zonker strip
Counterweight: Mono and brass bead
Eyes: Bead chain eyes
Body: Built with small clumps of rabbit fur clipped from zonked strips and pearl UV Ice dubbing
Head: Thread
Add pattern with copic marker

Be sure to check out Dron’s website Fly Tying Nation and have e look at the rest of his great fly patterns.


Ryan’s Simple Rabbit Strip Streamer by Ryan Gabert

Ryan Gabert is one of the expert tyers at Dakota Angler & Outfitter. In this video he ties a simple to tie but effective streamer pattern he calls Ryan’s Simple Rabbit Strip Streamer. The pattern uses a few newer products including Hareline’s new Double Pupil Lead eyes and a raimbow blend of Senyo’s Fusion Dub. This should be a good fly to throw at some bass, pike or trout on the rivers.

Learn more at Dakota Angler & Outfitter.

Ryan’s Simple Rabbit Strip Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #2
Thread: 140 denier olive UltraThread
Eyes: Double pupil lead eyes
Tail: Krinkle Mirror Flash
Belly: Rainbow Senyo’s Fusion Dub
Wing: Black barred Grizzly Rabbit strip
Side Accent: Krinkle mirror flash
Head: Rainbow Senyo’s Fusion Dub

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Dakota Angler & Outfitter Youtube page and check out Dakota Angler & Outfitter flyfishsd.com.


Bunny Leech – Barry White NLFT

The Northern Lights Fly tyers out of Edmonton, Alberta are now posting up some of the videos from their weekly meetings. This is great news for me especially as I used to be a member when I lived there. Barry White is a guide on the Bow River and also the best Santa Claus I have ever seen in person. In this video, Barry ties up a simple leech pattern and explains the use of zonkers and cross-cut rabbit. this is essentially the same way to create a flesh fly, just swap out the olive for pink, cream, peach, flame… you get it. Looking forward to seeing a ton more videos from the club