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Shark Taco Hopper – Curtis Fry

This is a really cool concept for a hopper, and while I’m not entirely sold on the bright pink and yellow, a more natural color combination would be something of beauty. There are a ton of great tips in the video, and i would say my favorite is the trick with the built in indicator. No worries about sinking that fly, it’s float through the whitest froth you can find.



Yellow Fox Trout Streamer

Another video from Charlie at Tight Lines. This is an interesting streamer and I think tying this up in the yellow, olives and even rusty orange would be something to check out. If you have some jungle cock handy, adding some jungle cock eyes would really put this fly on fish.

Hook: Standard Streamer Hook #6 – 8
Thread: Yellow 6/0
Head: Black Glass Bead
Tail: Yellow Marabou
Body: Golf Diamond Braid
Wing: Yellow Marabou
Overwing: Red Squirrel
Thorax: Yellow Light Bright Dubbing