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Tying a Squirmy Wormy With the Wooly Piscator

Love it or loathe it, the Squirmy Wormie has wiggled its way into countless fly bins around the world. As you’ll see, the fly is really quite simple to tie, but this squishy material poses a few problems that need a bit of experience to overcome. The Squirmy is a cousin to the infamous San Juan Worm. Mike from Wooly Bugged has a version which uses a high contrasting color of brass bead. This acts as an additional trigger for trout and panfish. You can watch Mike pickup a few in the video below.

First off, the material can be a little delicate. I find the strength can vary a little bit package to package, but it is highly elastic and quite lively. Secondly, it may be a little tough to position properly on the hook shank. I’ve found that adding a base layer of thread, tying the material in at the side and by stretching it while using a pinch wrap help to position the worm in the proper position. Lastly, it doesn’t work well with glues and adhesives. Some glues just don’t hold on while others will eat through it. It’s best just to make a couple secured whip finishes. You’ll also want to keep them out of the heat and store them in a cool dark spot.

Squirmy Wormie fly pattern recipe

Squirmy Wormie fly pattern recipe
Hook: Mustad S60-3399A #10-16
Bead: Brass or Tungsten Fl. Chartreuse
Thread: Red (match body) FWN (210d)
Tails: Squirmy Wormies
Body: Squirmy Wormies

If you like this pattern, check out the Steelhead Squirmy Wormy.


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Slurp N’ Burp Worm by Pat Cohen

The Slurp N’ Burp Worm worm is a creation by fly designer Pat Cohen and uses both the tails and dubbing he has developed. This high action bass fly needs a little modification of the hook with a 30 degree bend near the eye, but provides an ideal spot for the barbell eyes to sit, and to provide shelter for the glass rattle. The body consists of a generous portion of Cohen’s Carp Dubb, spun in a dubbing loop and brushed out. Overall, you’ll be hard pressed to find another fly with so much action for you favorite bass pond.

Slurp N’ Burp Worm Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: #4/0 Predator X hook bent into jig
Thread: Danville 210 Denier
Weedguard: 40lb mono
Eyes: Large black lead dumbbell
Rattle: 4mm glass rattle
Tail: Paddle tails (large)
Body: Cohen’s Carp Dubb spun in dubbing loop
Legs: 4 sets rubber legs per side (8 total)

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Pat Cohen’s Youtube page and you can find product and more info at rusuperfly.com.