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Don Bastian – 101-110 – The Bergman Collection

Here are the links to the next 10 flies in the collection. Check back to see the next set of 10. We’ll try to keep you updated, but you can also keep an eye on Don’s Ray Bergman Collection that includes the entire set so far.

101. Emma, 102. Epting, 103. Esmeralda, 104. Ferguson, 105. Fern,
106. Feted Green, 107. Fiery Brown, 108. Fisher , 109. Fish Hawk , 110. Fitzmaurice

Esmeralda - Don Bastian
Esmeralda - Don Bastian


Tip: None
Tail: Brown mallard
Ribbing: Yellow silk
Body: Light green floss
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Light slate