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Sawyer PT Nymph

From the vault of fly tying knowledge comes one of the most simple patterns. Of a number of patterns that use no thread, but opt to use wire, this is my fav to use on the water. The fly was designed by Frank Sawyer, an English river keeper over 50 years ago. Note the slim profile and the short tail. Most modern North American PTN’s have a meatier profile and a much longer tail, but because the nymph was designed to imitate a mayfly nymph (Baetis), the original is a true imitator. Hans has modified the design somewhat to produce a slightly slimmer and more durable fly. After trying my hand at tying the fly in both Frank and Hans’ methods, I prefer the technical aspects of Hans’ fly, but admire the slightly messy look of Frank’s method. I can’t wait to test these out on the creek.

Click the nymph below to check out the excellent tutorial prepared by Hans.

Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph

Sawyer PT Nymph - Hans Weilenmann
Sawyer PT Nymph - Hans Weilenmann

Click here for Frank Sawyer’s Tying video.


Hen Pheasant Soft-Hackle

We’re catching up on some great video put out by McA and the guys over at Rise Form Studios. Week 36 features a fly I’ve been toying around with, the Hen Pheasant Soft Hackle. I like using hen pheasant because it sweep back over the body easily and has a nice mottled pattern on the feather. It’s also a fairly inexpensive material to purchase and a skin will last a long time. I have a couple dyed skins in olive, black claret and a natural. That pretty much covers the colors I use. I’ve also been adding Nymph Head beads on most. I really can’t get enough of them.

For this weeks Fly Tying Video we visit with the creator of Walts Worm, Mr. Walt Young. In our last segment we harvested some Pheasants for fly tying materials. So, we figured it might be a good idea to tie a few flies with those materials. This one is called the Hen Pheasant Soft-Hackle. I fished it as a Hendrickson Emerger last week and it killed! The really cool thing about this fly is that we use a hen neck/head feather instead of partridge for the Hackle. You can find allot more usable smaller size feathers off the hen Pheasant than you can with the Partridge. I had no idea you could substitute hen for partridge. I tie a few Soft-Hackle patterns down to a size 18 so this is going to make my life much easier.



Riseform TV – New website

Riseform studios has revamped their current website and is now offering content on a more regular basis. Every other week, you can look for new video posted to the site and once a month there will be a new fly tying video. Thanks to Alex at Day Tripper for pointing out the news.

 The first pattern is J.C.’s Electric Caddis Larvae by John Collins one of the site’s resident tyers. The recipe is below and you can click the link to see how to tie the fly.


Electric Caddis

Hook: Dai-Riki 285 curved nymph sizes 10 – 18
Thread: 8/0 Olive Wire: Olive ultra wire
Tubing: Waspi stretch tubing, Clear
Abdomen: Wire Inserted inside of stretch tubing, wound forward
Claspers: Olive antron yarn
Thorax and Legs: Black ostrich herl