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Tying a Jelly bean scud with Barry Ord Clarke by The feather bender

The Willy Wonka of Gammarus patterns. A great looking scud pattern that is not only extremely easy to tie but also a deadly pattern for both fresh and salt water.

Hook: Mustad C49S # 6-14
Tying thread: Dyneema
Rib: Fluorescent orange tying thread
Legs: Vanilla ostrich herl
Shellback: UV resin

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Red Butt Quilled Buzzer – Davie McPhail

I really like this little chironomid from Davie. One thing I really like it the economy of the thread wraps he uses to keep the fly thin. It has a nice segmentation with the quill body, and the light coat of resin will make it indestructible. Personally I would tie this on a curved shank hook

Hook: Kamasan B170 size 10
Butt: Flo- Fire Orange UTC Thread 70
Rib: Peacock Quill
Body: Black UTC 70
Thorax Cover: UTC Ice Blue Pearl
Wing Buds: Sunburst Goose Biots