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Marty Howard Tutorials

I just recieved an email from HMH with a great cache of patterns and tutorials done by pro-staffer Marty Howard. There are 55 tutorials available, enough to keep you busy for some time, filling up your steelhead and salmon fly boxes.

My apologies for the long absence. I’ve had some medical issues lately and decided to take a break from posting while I was recovering. Lots of great stuff in the can though.


Steelhead Swinger

Here is a nice simple bunny tube tied up by the Oak Orchard Fly Shop. Winter is coming unfortunately, as I was reminded abruptly last night by a good friend over a phone conversation. This should a good addition to the queue of flies planned for tying up over the winter. The tutorial is great for detail, and so you should be able to easily follow. Just swapping out colors on the bunny and the tinsel should give you a nice variety of flies.

Steelhead Swinger fly

Click here to access the tutorial for tying this one up.



Sawyer PT Nymph

From the vault of fly tying knowledge comes one of the most simple patterns. Of a number of patterns that use no thread, but opt to use wire, this is my fav to use on the water. The fly was designed by Frank Sawyer, an English river keeper over 50 years ago. Note the slim profile and the short tail. Most modern North American PTN’s have a meatier profile and a much longer tail, but because the nymph was designed to imitate a mayfly nymph (Baetis), the original is a true imitator. Hans has modified the design somewhat to produce a slightly slimmer and more durable fly. After trying my hand at tying the fly in both Frank and Hans’ methods, I prefer the technical aspects of Hans’ fly, but admire the slightly messy look of Frank’s method. I can’t wait to test these out on the creek.

Click the nymph below to check out the excellent tutorial prepared by Hans.

Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph

Sawyer PT Nymph - Hans Weilenmann
Sawyer PT Nymph - Hans Weilenmann

Click here for Frank Sawyer’s Tying video.