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Fly Tying with Ryan – Tungsten Czech Scud by Hans Stephenson

Fly Tying with Ryan – Tungsten Czech Scud

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This is a simple fly that’s a great point fly on a Czech nymph rig, as well as a good weight fly on an indicator rig. Pink, Orange, and Chartreuse are our best colors locally but tie to suit your local fish. Size 12 is a good starting point!


Tying a Blushing Onyx Nymph Fly Pattern

The Blushing Onyx nymph is something I’ve been working on for just a short time and have only had a chance to get out fishing with it a couple times. So far, it’s been producing really well in the creeks I’ve fished it, bringing several nice resident trout and even a couple river chubs.

The idea for this trout fly comes from a discussion I’ve had with Joe and Sean about the visibility of the hotspot on flies like the Mohawk Hotspot PTN. We were questioning how visible the spot would be tied either on the top or bottom of the fly. I think it was concluded that the hot spot tied as a collar, or in the round, would be the strongest hotspot. We talked about adding the hot spot to the top and bottom or even just using a hot bead, but I think this blushed effect on a dark bead provides a nice middle ground for the dark nymph.

Blushing Onyx Nymph Jig Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Firehole 516 #12-16
Bead: Black tungsten
Thread: Black 8/0 (70d)
Cheek: Pink floss, polish, UV resin
Tail: Black hackle fibers
Body: Black Ultrawire (brassie)
Thorax: Black Diamond Dubbing (Ice)
Body Coat: Bone Dry UV resin

Blushing Onyx Nymph Fly Pattern
Blushing Onyx Nymph Fly Pattern


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Delo’s Improved Nymph by Matt Delorenzo

The Delo’s Improved Nymph, designed by Matt Delorenzo, is a slight variation of an Iso Nymph. The fly uses stretch micro tubing for ribbing, and so it lets the body color really show while keeping the fly durable. The colors can be switched out to tie an endless variety of the nymphs. The tungsten bead ensures the fly is hugging bottom and swings in the strike zone for as long as possible. Matt also ties a steelhead version of the fly for stained and coloured water using an orange bead. It is defiantly a guide pattern as it is quick to tie, and it lands a ton of fish for Matt and his clients. It can’t hurt to have a bunch tied up for your own box.

Delo’s Improved Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1260 #12-18
Bead: Tungsten copper (match size to hook)
Thread: Veevus 16/0 brown
Tail: Dark Hungarian partridge
Ribbing: Micro stretch tubing
Body: SLF dubbing
Wingcase: Thin Skin mottled oak
Legs: Craft ribbon and Dark Hungarian partridge

You can follow Matt Delorenzo on vimeo to check out this and the rest of his fly tying videos and visit theflypatch.com