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Ezza Long Hair – Tobbe Hedin

This is a nice mostly white fly designed in Sweden for the salmon, sea trout and pike, but it looks perfect for the North American waters as well. When I tie pike flies, I often use more monochromatic color schemes with black or white being the most productive. The video is on the long side, but I very much enjoy watching Tobbe tie up tubes.

Tube: Eumer Clear / Fluoro Orange
Thread: 12/0 White
Tag: Opal mirage tinsel
Body: Wing ‘n Flash Ice Blue and white UV polar chenille
First Wing: White fox
Collar: White schlappen
Flash: Opal mirage tinsel
Second Wing: White fox
Third Wing: Icelandic sheep white
Flash: Silver flashabou
Legs: Silly legs white fire tip
Collar: White schlappen, white marabou
Head: White deer hair clipped
Bead: Silver cone
Eyes: White/black 3D glow in the dark


Popcicle Tube Fly – Pro Tube Fly Systems – Jay Nicholas

This probably isn’t Jay’s best video ever, but it does have a nice tube fly. It would have been nice to see how he got the rabbit into the Petitjean clip for those who have never used them before. I really like the two-tone bunny hair on this, I normally tie mine with just marabou. The spun hair looks amazing, but perhaps a bit overdone here. Also note the dubbing is bushy and will help hold the shape of the marabou once it gets wet. Nice fly for the Great Lakes tribs.

Tube: Pro-tube Micro tube
Butt/Body: Ice dub orange
Hackle: Marabou, orange and flame
Collar: Cross cut rabbit strip Hot orange/yellow
Cone: Pro cone large
Hook: Tube hook


Black and Silver Red Butt

I’ve been tying hundreds of these tubes over the past few months and so I’ve also been watching lots of Scandinavian tube fly videos. Here is a nice simple pattern with just one wing. Lots of the ones I’ve been tying have 2-3 wings, tags, tails, multiple collars, discs…. This one is nice and simple. it does take some time to become familiar with some of the finer points in tying this style of fly. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tobbe Hedin late last year to discuss some of the details and get some of the “secrets” of tying this style. Schlappen, and hen hackle work quite well where hackles are often too stiff for collars. For the hair, it can be tough to source stuff long enough, but I’ve had great success from Foxy Tails in the UK. It may seem a bit pricey, but the hairs are long, and each pack has a rather generous amount. If you don’t object to using dog hair, templedog is a nice material to work with, but I do like the courser texture of the fox.

Tube: tube
Thread: thread
Tag: Red floss
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Body: 1/2 flat holographic silver tinsel , 1/2 silver dubbing
Collar: black schlappen
Wing: long fox, templedog or goat
Collar: Teal flank
Eyes: Jungle cock
Head: turbo disc