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Castle Killer Scandinavian Spey Tube

This is a pattern tied up by Jurij Shumakov. There is a sweet collection of Jurij’s tubes on the article linked below. I just wish they had opted for some larger images of the flies.

Castle Killer by Jurij Shumakov

Butt: Glow red floss.
Tail: Yellow Angel hair.
Body: rear half: Electra Holo, braid, gold; front half: mix of Peacock Black ice dub and STF Black dub.
Rib: front half: oval gold tinsel.
Body hackle: front half: orange cock.
Wing: yellow Mirage Flashabou, small bunch of Serebrjanka fur died yellow, yellow Angel hair, bunch of polar fox died black over the wing fine black Angel hair.
Throat: Kingfisher blue guinea fowl.
Cheeks: jungle cock.
Head: red varnish.

From Jurij’s article on Russian Fishing Club.


Tying an Intruder Speystyle Tube

Picked up from a search on Youtube. Here is a fly tied by Charlie Piette from Tight Lines FF Co. He’s tying up an Ed Ward’s Intruder. The Inturder style flies are really cool to tie, but the fact of the matter is that there just isn’t enough Spey fly content out there in video form yet. Take this as a hint to get out the hd cams, digital cams or even your camera phone and start shooting some Spey fly tying footage and post it to one of the video serving sites out there. Let’s see those traditional Speys, Dees, Intruders, conversions, Violators, Penetrators, Interloopers  and prowlers. 

Here is Charlie’s fly. Enjoy.