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Holo Silver Black Templedog – Jurij Shumakov

This is a other pattern tied up by Jurij Shumakov. There is a sweet collection of flies on the site so be sure to take a look. Recipe is below for those who want to try and tie a few up. 

Holographic Silver Black Templedog

Butt: magenta floss.
Tail: magenta floss.
Body: rear half: Electra Holo, braid, silver; front half: mix of Peacock Black ice dub and STF Black dub.
Rib: front half: oval silver tinsel.
Body hackle: front half: white badger cock.
Wing: red Mirage Flashabou, small bunch of Serebrjanka fur died fairy brown, dark brown and red Angel hair, Peacock mirror flash; bunch of polar fox died black over the wing fine black ripple flash.
Front hackle: white badger cock.
Cheeks: jungle cock.
Head: black.


Black Cherry Spey Tube

I love tying marabou tubes and here is a nice combination of colors here. Tied up by Shaq from the Angler’s Net.

Black Cherry Spey

Black Cherry Spey Fly

Tube: Plastic Tube
Body: Hot Pink Angora Dubbing
Rib: Gold Flat Mylar Tinsel
Hackle: 2 Purple or Cherise Folded Marabou Feather’s, 1 Black Folded Marabou Feather
Flash: Purple Krystal Flash
Collar: Claret Guinea Foul Feather, Folded
Thread: Hot Pink


Scando Style Weighted Eumer Plastic Tube

Here is a sweet 2 part video tutorial walking through the steps of tying a Scandinavian Style tube. There are some interesting techniques used here and it’s well worth the watch.

Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSNniTnk9YA

Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JOz79nYO9c