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Tying the Pyramid Lake Woolly Worm Cutthroat Trout Fly

I tie the Pyramid Lake Woolly Worm a little bit different from the ones from Jan Nemec, but they are essentially the same pattern. The chartreuse and black variation are referred to as the Northern Lights color. It’s a good choice for fishing water where the clarity isn’t optimal. You get a pop of color and a great looking silhouette streaming through the water.

Pyramid Lake in Nevada (not the one in Jasper, Alberta) is home to a threatened strain of cutthroat trout called the Lahontan. The Lahontan cutthroat is native to the drainages of the Truckee River, Humboldt River, Carson River, Walker River, Quinn River and several smaller rivers in the Great Basin of North America.

The fly is heavily hackled and uses 2 hackles palmered together over the Estaz body. I like to use hackles that are quite webby at the base and that may pass for schlappen. I like to add the reverse wrapped rib for a little added protection from the trout’s teeth. The 20lb plus cutthroats can really do a number on the stems of the hackle.

The fly is fished on a sinking line and is tied unweighted so that it doesn’t dig into the sandy bottom of the lake, but rather bounces over the bottom.

In addition to being a good Cutthroat Trout fly, this Woolly Worm variation is great for steelhead and even pike and bass.

Pyramid Lake Woolly Worm Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad R75-79580 #2-8
Thread: 140d Black 6/0
Tail: Chartreuse marabou or saddle hackle fluff
Rib: Small chartreuse Ultrawire
Body: Fl. Green Opal Estaz
Hackle: 2 Black saddle hackles

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Northshore Stonefly Nymph

I started tying the Northshore Stonefly Nymph for a client but have been fishing this simplified stonefly nymph pattern designed for trout and steelhead. I tie the fly on a 3xl curved hook like the Mustad C53s, Tiemco 200R or the Partridge K12ST. You could also bens a 4 or 5xl streamer hook if you are in a bind. I use a custom blend of dubbing this fly that is similar to Hareline’s Senyo’s Laser Dub. The process to make your own dubbing is pretty straightforward so if you want to try it out yourself, you can check out the process here. I tie this in black, brown (this version in the video), olive, and golden.

Northshore Stonefly Nymph Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad C53s #6-10
Bead: 4.5mm black brass bead
Thread: Olive 6/0 (140 d)
Tail: Goose biots
Body: Laser dubbing
Rib: Mono or Stretch Magic
Legs: Silicone or rubber strips
Antenna: Goose biots

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Copper Bunny Streamer by Bozeman Creative

The Copper Bunny streamer looks like a promising pattern for fishing trout rivers and pike lakes. This meaty streamer will ride hook up and the weighted eyes and body will help the fly descend to the feeding depths in short order. The pattern should be easy enough to switch up the colors to create a range of lures for different situations. White, olives, all black, and combinations should cover the bases.

Copper Bunny Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Thread: GSP 100 Veevus – Black
Hook: Firehole Stick 839 – size 4
Weight: .025 Lead or Lead-Free Wire
Eyes: Large Double Pupil Brass Eyes
Tail: Magnum Bunny Strip – Black
Under Tail: Ripple Ice Fiber – Orange
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dub – Crusty Nail/Flame
Legs: Sili Legs Crome – Copper/Black


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