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Rhea Intruder tied by Phil Rowley

Rhea Intruder - Tied by Phil Rowley
Rhea Intruder – Tied by Phil Rowley

Phil always put together great step-by-step tutorials and goes the extra mile to provide information about the fly and materials used. This pattern was born in the vise of fly tyer Trevor Nowak and uses a big helping of Rhea tendrils to impart action into the streamer. Rhea has become quite popular in steelhead and salmon flies over the past decade thanks in no small part to tyers like Nowak rhea guru Todd Scharf. Phil has some extras in the article about preparing the feathers to use in patterns so the herls are wrapped and paltered easily.

You can find the full step-by-step tutorial on Phil’s website http://flycraftangling.com, and get some insights to tying with rhea.


BAF – Todd Scharf Edition

I love Todd’s flies. They are big, loud and capable of pissing off even the most meek tempered steelie. Basically these 4 video clips show you all the basics you need to know to tie some killer Intruder style flies. Enough said, just watch and tie some up.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Bonus – check out Todd throwing some line.


Todd Scharf Intruder Style Steelhead Flies

I met Todd a few years back at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition in Calgary. He runs Upstream Adventures, a guiding service and fly shop and ties some of the most incredible spey flies. He has a gallery page set up on the site, but I have seen many more flies and this just begins to cover some of his creations. You can view his page of flies he ties on tubes and shanks – http://www.upstreamadventures.com/toddflies.php. Todd uses some interesting materials including seal, polar bear, dyed white peacock, lady Amherst tail, and Rhea that he dyes himself to achieve the wide variety of colors he uses. The gallery is worth a look.

Todd Scharf Bug Intruder Fly