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Elk River Nymph by Boots Allen

Driggs/Jackson area fly fishing guide Boots Allen ties up his Elk Liver Nymph fly pattern. I really love the finished look of this little nymph, but if you don’t have access to creating dubbing brushes, you can use a simple dubbing loop to get the job done. The result is a very mottled looking nymph with a decent amount of flash.

Elk River Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Dai Riki 700 #10
Bead: Brass bead
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Black ostrich herl
Abdomen: Wire dubbing brush (crystal flash ep fiber micro rubber legs)
Wingcase: Crinkle mirror flash – rootbeer + epoxy
Thorax: Ice Dubbing Bloody Mary (Black, red, purple, maroon)


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Blood Midge by Gordon Cordova

This little size 18 Blood Midge use a small cross stitch bead for the head, and just a little weight to get the fly sinking into the water column. You can find the beads in craft stores, in a huge variety of colors, but be aware that they are breakable if you happen to hit the fly onto a hard surface.The curved scud hook, such as a C49S is used to give the fly the appearance of it swimming, and for blood worms and chironomids, these curved hooks are my own goto. It’s a great little fly for stillwater fishing, you can fish it with a dry fly line with a long leader, either with or with out a strike indicator.

Learn more about Gordon and his fly pattern on TWF.

Blood Midge Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Size 18 curved scud / caddis
Head: Small petite cross stitching bead
Thread: 14/0
Rib: XS red midge wire
Breathers: antron
Thorax: peacock herl

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SOH Streamer tied by Matt Wilhelm

This meaty pattern from Montana angler Matt Wilhelm is sure to draw some specimen trout into the open from the safety of the undercut. Matt uses the fly both in the spring after the spawn and in the fall. Earlier in the week, I was treated to a spectacular video of Alaskan trout fishing by OPST and would love to have a chance to chuck this fly to some of the beautifully marked and speckled rainbows featured in the video. Matt explains that he doesn’t stick to a strict set of colors for the fly and will makes changes depending on conditions and water clarity. Matt also suggests adding extra weight to the shank for those who are wading while fishing the fly. I do see a bit of an issue with the eye placement on the top of the shank. The fly will keel over and ride hook up. A couple suggestions to combat this is to use a bead or cone head up front with body weight added, or tie the rabbit strip on the underside and attach it through the hook.

Learn more about Matt and his fly pattern on TWF.

SOH Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Dai Riki #710 streamer hook
Thread: 3/0 match to fly color
Eyes: Medium barbell eyes
Tail: Olive marabou
Body: Verigated chenille
Wing: Rabbit super strip
Legs: Black round rubber
Hackle: Hen hackle or schlappen

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