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Carries Challenge video – Jay Smit

Most of the flies are in, and now we have some video to fill the gap until we see the finished set! The video brings back memories of tying my own. Let’s just say I’m thankful for the modern vises we now have. tying one fly in hand is tough, but even with practice, and refinement of the methods, I can’t see myself sitting down to tie a couple dozen flies. video via StreamerList

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Salmon Flies by Ed Muzeroll

More Flickr Gold. This is a 23 image collection of Ed “Muzzy” Muzeroll’s classic creations. The collection of Atlantic Salmon flies is truly impressive, with excellent composition and use of color. I’ve seen a few of his streamers recently as well and they are just as impressive. Be sure to visit the streamer list to view some of his other work.

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Ed Muzeroll Atlantic Salmon Fly

Click the image below to view his streamer patterns on the Streamer List.

Canary Tied by Ed Muzeroll


Carrie Stevens Fly Swap

The swap is now complete and everyone who took part has a great new set of streamers. I had lots of fun taking part even though I had fly orders up to my eyeballs. I learned a lot about putting together these flies and I am quite proud of the Red Streak I tied up for the swap. You can look through the photographed results of the swap on the Streamer List page – http://streamerlist.ning.com or just click on of the pics below. Thanks to the Streamer List, Michel Lajoie and Jim Walford for organizing everything. If you are interested in joining a new streamer swap, there is limited seating available in the next one; Not Carrie Stevens Classics. Visit the Streamer List Forum for details.