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Sili Slowstone

Stones are always a popular choice and I’m always on the hunt for new patterns. Here is a novel use of Sili Skin on a Golden stone. The results look awesome and I just might have to track down some of the skin to try this out in a little black stone version. The soft feel might also help the fish hang onto this one a bit longer. Click here to check out the Step by step tutorial on http://www.coloradofisherman.com.

Slowstone - Golden Stonefly Nymph
Slowstone - Golden Stonefly Nymph

The Amber Stimi

From the vault at Riseform Studios come week another great segment of fly tying by John Collins. This is an eastern take on a classic western pattern, the stimulator. The Amber Stimulator imitates an Egg Laying Stonefly, but in a size and shade more appropriate for Eastern Streams. For the East use a Dai Riki 270 #12 thru #16, for the West tie this in the #6 range and in the appropriate colors. For Eastern streams and rivers this is a fantastic pattern to fish at dusk and in to the dark. Remember to try some action on this fly. Egg Laying Stoneflies land and take off many times in this process, making a commotion on the water. Skittering your fly and ignoring traditional dead drift presentation can be the key to triggering the rise.


Electric Stonefly Nymph

Electric Stonefly Nymph
Electric Stonefly Nymph

This fly is from the cache on RockyMountainFly.com. I’ve been playing with some cool articulated stones lately, but I really like the straight forward approach to this pattern. I much prefer the look and ease of tying in the thin skin over feather slips. JD Miller does a great job with this pattern. Enjoy.

Electric Stonefly Nymph – Click for Step by Step

Hook: TMC 200R, sz 6
Thread: Black 6/0
Bead: 5/32 Black Tungsten
Underbody: .015 Lead Wire
Tail: Black Goose Biots
Rib: Medium Red Ultra Wire
Back: Black Thin Skin
Abdomen: Bronze Brown Lite Brite Dubbing
Flashback: Red Holographic Flashabou
Wingcase: Black Thin Skin
Thorax: Same as abdomen
Legs: 3 sets Black Hen Hackle