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Tungsten Mini Leech – Hans Stephenson

This is a rad little beadhead leech from Hans @ Dakota Angler and uses a dubbing technique I rarely see. Clump dubbing is more like spinning deer hair on the hook than dubbing, but the result is a fluffy dub, similar to what you might achieve with a dubbing loop without the need to spin and tease out the dub.


Hook: Daiichi 1270 #10-14
Thread: Black
Bead: Black tungsten
Tail: Marabou with pearl crystal flash
Body: Ice Dubbing
Hackle: Hungarian Partridge
Color variations include claret, black, olives and brown.


Pig Pen Leech – Doug McKnight

The pigpen is a sweet looking leech that reminds me a bit of Chili Pepper with that burnt orange tail. The fly is fairly simple and uses a spun bunny body. This thing must move in the water like no body’s business. Hang it under an indicator, let it dead drift and wait for the trout to slam it like a bulldozer. The video is on The Weekly Fly, and twisted up by Umpqua fly architect Doug McKnight.

Pig Pen Leech - Doug McKinght
Pig Pen Leech - Doug McKinght


Spratley Hatch

A while back I did up a tutorial on how to tie the Doc Spratley. I was tying up a few to replace my bare spots in my streamer box and thought you might like this pattern.

“The pattern was named after Dr. Donald A. Spratley of Washington, and first appeared in the collection of patterns called “Flies of the Northwest”, compiled by the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. The pattern was developed by Dick Prankard around 1949 and named the Doc Spratley after a visit from the doctor in Dick’s fly shop during the flies creation. It’s been said that the Dr. was somewhat saddened that his name became best known for a fly pattern and not for his work as a dentist, which he had devoted his life to.”

Click here to view the tying tutorial.

Doc Spratley Streamer