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Salmon and Steelhead tying contest underway

It’s time to pull out your skills as a leet tyer and put your best hook forward. The latest contest over at FFC has just launched.¬† Entry is limited to 20 tyers this round, let’s push to fill this one. It’s open to anyone with thread and a vise, so give it a shot. I’m thinking about tying a new fly for this contest. If I win, I’ll use it as my new blog header fly, so vote for me (pacres) when the polls open. ūüôā

 FFC Salmon / Steelhead Tying Contest


Hammering Steelhead

Here is a fly I have used with some great results in the Great Lakes tribs. It’s relatively simple, but I should mention that it does deviate from the original Orvis pattern. Lets just say I’m not about to start braiding a fly I’m likely to lose in under 10 minutes. I’ve been known to hook up with plenty of¬†tree¬†fish.

That being said, I liked the look of the pattern and decided to make a few of my own mods to it. I changed the woven body to a straight black floss body and added a holographic rib. I also took out the shell back off the head. Basically it is now an egg pattern, and I tie it in 7 different colors. Blue, Orange, Red, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Purple and a Glow Pink.

Blue Steelhead hammer

I did up a up a step by step tutorial on Flyangler.ca a while back if you are interested in tying up a few. It’s more or less my go-to egg pattern for the winter Steelhead. Here is the recipe.

Steelhead Hammer Fly Pattern Recipe
Hook: Mustad C49S or other Scud Hook
Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Fire Orange
Tail: Purple Schlappen
Ribbing: Silver Holographic Mylar Tinsel 1/64
Body: Black Super-Stretch Floss
Thorax: Purple Crystal Chenille
Head: Fire Orange Thread

**UPDATE** – the step by step has been moved to the Daily Fly Tyer