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FLY TYING – The spey´s invader 2.0 – TUTORIAL by Coastfly

FLY TYING – The spey´s invader 2.0 – TUTORIAL

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Merry Christmas everybody!!!

A day late – but here is an upgraded version of the Spey´s Invader…
Killer fly – no lie!

Thanks to karl-arne aka @bartesam for naming this fly some year or 2 back! check him out on Instagram he´s a fly tying wizard!

My account: http://bit.ly/2Sm3n48


Crimson Tide Spey Fly – East Coast Spey

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a Spey fly on the blog, but flyspoke has uploaded a great looking spey called the Crimson Tide. This red fly is tied using a burnt goose shoulder for the Spey hackle and it works really well. Not much to say except that the fly is a work of art on a nice gold AJ.


If you want to create your own Spey hackles, just watch this. Can’t wait to try this out.