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Firebead Soft Hackle Sowbug – Hans Stephenson

This is a bright fly that Hans says works well for spring fishing on waters such as the bighorn. It’s a pretty simple pattern to tie, and because of the color, I would be putting a few into my Grayling arsenal as well. Hans ties it up with pink, tan, or gray body using Sow Scud dubbing, a hot bead and a sturdy scud hook like the Mustad C49S.

Hook: Curved shank scud
Bead: Hot orange brass / tungsten
Thread: Hot pink
Dubbing: Pink Sow Scud dubbing
Hackle: Dun hen feather


Purple Western Soft Hackle – Jay Nicholas

I love tying and fishing these quick simple flies. I bought a nice set of Persalls silk a while ago, so I really should be putting it to good use. I’ve also got quite a few feathers, starling, partridge and plover to use. I’m sure I’m missing out on some surface action right now by not carrying a few soft hackles. If you are into the soft-hackles, also check out my Black Gnat from a couple years back.


Hook: Alec Jackson Trout Country or TMC3761 #12-#18
Thread/Body: Pearsalls Gossamer purple silk
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Starling