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Lightsaber Pinfish by 239 Flies

Nick Davis has a great idea with his video tutorials paired up with some premium Lightsaber Pinfish fly tying kits, hooks not included and some assembly required. This video features one of his patterns, the Lightsaber Pinfish, and there are several different kits available with full tying videos to accompany. The video is filled with some good tying tips and explains how to color epoxy with some powdered make-up. The fly is a really crisp and clean tie despite the use of sometimes mess inducing epoxy. You can search through 239flies for other kit variations on the fly pattern.

This saltwater baitfish pattern is a killer looking fly for snook, permit and rooster fish in the salty water, or pike and bass in the swampy water. I’d like to try tying a few freshwater baitfish with the pattern, and the glow in the dark throat. I’ve had a lot of success fishing for trout and using glowing elements on the fly.

Lightsaber Pinfish Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 #1/0 (short shank wide gape)
Thread: Tan 210 denier (Danville)
Tail: Tan creft fur
Body:gold Polar Flash
Belly: Pearl Polar Flash
Throat:Blue Glow Flashabou
Eyes: 1/4 Inch Jurassic Eyes
Head: 5 Minute Epoxy mixed with gold eye shadow
Zap Gel
Head Cement
Brown Permanent Marker

You can follow 239 Flies on Youtube, Instagram and at 239flies.com.


Bend Back Minnow – Capt. Mel Simpson

I’m thinking the pike and musky might like these a bit too. I’m not a massive fan of craft fur for tying, but I do have to admit it looks sexy when it gets wet. I’ll be moding my fly a bit of the toothy jackals, using some Icelandic sheep and some Tuffleye on the head. Perhaps an intermediate color to separate the top and bottom. Only another 7 months before I can chase snot rockets again. Winter sucks, but at least I’ll get some flies tied.



Capt. Mel Simpson demonstrates tying his variation on the bendback fly. By adding the extra bend to the eye of the hook, the fly takes on new life in the water. A great fly for Snook and other species that feed on minnows.
Filmed at the 2010 FFF Florida Council Flyfishing Expo in Orland, FL.