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More Skagit Magic

Skagit Master 2 is set to drop soon and well, here is a teaser for the vise addicts. Scott Howell is featured in this clip tying up his Signature Intruder in less than two minutes via time lapse. A sweet finished fly taking full advantage of long whispy feathers and dubbing loops. Enjoy!



It's Not Tied, It's Engineered.

Mr Ed Ward and Jerry French discuss the origns of the intruder fly. It’s Not Tied, It’s Engineered. It is always a treat to see a master at work. The fly in the water barely collapses and you see the intention of the fly, cast a big shadow while letting the light shine through. The movement and separation of the wet fly is something to behold. This is a bonus clip from the DVD “Skagit Master Featuring Ed Ward”. The full fly is tied on the DVD. Sweet!