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Homer Rhode’s Shrimp/Seaducer by Allen Fly Fishing

Homer Rhode’s Shrimp/Seaducer

Though part of our #FRIDAYFLYTYING series, we’re gonna call this one a #HOMERRHODESSHRIMPSATURDAY! A true classic, Homer Rhode’s (of loop knot fame) pattern, better known as the Seaducer, is still a killer for tarpon and other species. Originally tied in white with a red saddle hackle collar, You know how much we love purple so we just had to do it! Tie this in a variety of sizes and colors and use it for everything from the original pattern’s targeted species, tarpon, to beach snook, albies, and others! #FRIDAYFLYTYING

– Hook: SW002 –
– Several Contrasting Saddle Hackle Feathers –
– Small Lateral Scale or other flash fiber –

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Fl. Pink Fox Shrimp by Mattias Faltsetas

Fl. Pink Fox Shrimp

Material list

Gamakatsu F314 #4
TSD Supreme Fox Hair Magenta
Hareline Ice Dub Fl. Hot Pink
Whiting Coq De Leon White Dyed Pink
Easy Shrimp Eyes Black
Easy Shrimp Legs 2.0 Super Fl. Transparent
Flydressing Krystal Flash Pearl
Flydressing Mallard Natural
Textreme 8/0 White

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Saltwater Shrimp tied by Ruben Martin

Saltwater shrimp flies are essential to a successful fishing trip to the flats. I’ve been frantically tying saltwater flies for the winter season and I’d like to give this shrimp pattern a good look. A few things to note, first, the epoxy eyes are dipped in a clear glitter nail polish. You’ll want to make sure this completely cures before you box it. The eyes themselves look like a custom job, and I’d love to see how he goes about making them. The fox hair wing and tail(mouth parts) is a favorite material to work with. I prefer it to the much loved craft fur because of the natural randomness it provides and the way it moves in the water. The fly is capped off with a dab of orange paint (eggs?), something I would personally omit. I can’t wait to toss this into some warm brine this winter.

Saltwater Shrimp Fly Pattern

Hook: Standard saltwater ss hook
Thread: 6/0 tan
Tail: Tan fox hair , badger hackle tips
Eyes: bead chain (front) black epoxy eyes (back)
Legs: silicone skirt material
Body: D-rib
Wing: fox hair tan, pearl crystal flash
Head: orange paint

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Ruben Martin’s Youtube page.