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Super Fluo Spey/CDL Shrimp by Mattias Faltsetas

Super Fluo Spey/CDL Shrimp

Material list

Gamakatsu F314 #4
Whiting Spey Fl. Chartreuse
Whiting Coq De Leon Badger Dyed Fl. Chartreuse
Hareline Ice Dub Fl. Lime Green
Senyos Laser Dub Fl. Hot Orange
Easy Shrimp Eyes Black
Fly dressing mallard Fl. Chartreuse
Textreme Fl. Chartreuse 8/0

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The White Shrimp from Hedron Fly Tying

I love the look of this white shrimp with it’s the minimal hint of pink added to the rear. The fly uses Spey hackles for the body and nice buggy dubbing. I’d like to try out this fly pattern in a couple shades of pink and orange for the west coast steelhead. The fly has a wonderful profile when wet and is a relatively simple pattern to tie.


Youtube Channel: Hedroninc
Website: Hedron Inc