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Galloup’s Swimmin’ Jimmy

We featured Kelly’s Sex Dungeon fly a couple years back on the Fly Fusion Magazine wallpaper (click here to get it). I recently found this sweet looking BAF on Schmidt Outfitters site while searching for the Sex Dungeon. One thing I love about the flies Kelly ties are the names. The Swimmin’ Jimmy was originated by Andy Sobota and this adaptation was done by Kelly. Click here to read about the fly.

This is a perfect fly for fishing the late summer, fall runs on the great lakes tribs, or any smallmouth haunts. I’ll be hunting monster browns this fall with a few of these in my box. The hook on the finished fly should ride at the side. This causes some insane action, causing havoc with Smallies, pike and big hungry trout.

Swimming Jimmy - Olive / White
Swimming Jimmy - Olive / White

Olive and White Swimmin’ Jimmy

Rear Hook: 2X strong scud hook or egg hook size #4-#8

Tail: 2 palmered white marabou feathers and one oolive marabou feather tied in as a clump on the far side of the hook.

Front Hook: Bass Bug hook 1/0 (Tiemco 8089 (silver), Mustad C52S, or equivalent). Bend the hook inward/downward at a 30-degree angle about midway along the shank.

Connection: 17-pound wire or .015” nylon monofilament, looped through rear hook eye, tied onto the bend of the front hook so it angles downward at about 30 degrees. Three red glass beads over the wire connection loop.

Skirt: Pearl holographic Flashabou tied as a tail on the front hook.

Front Body: 2-3 white marabou feathers (palmered) and one olive marabou feather tied in on the far side of the hook shank. These materials should be tied in forward of the 30-degree bend.

Side Stripes: (Top and bottom of the hook shank) shellfish pink marabou.

Head: Olive and white deer belly hair stacked on the near and far sides of the hook shank. Clip the hair flat on the bottom and rounded on top for the best swimming action. The hook protrudes from the side of the fly, not the bottom, which causes the erratic swimming motion. Smallmouth love the Swimmin’ Jimmy as much as trout do.

Eyes: Prism molded epoxy eyes glued on.



Sex Dungeon

I can just imagine who’s going to visit the site once the keywords Sex Dungeon get into Google for this site. Here is a wallpaper of a Kelly Galloup fly called the “Sex Dungeon”. Kelly has some great pattern with some even more creative names including the Zoo Cougar and the Heifer Groomer. Here is a downloadable wallpaper from Fly Fusion Magazine for your desktop.

Sex Dungeon

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