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Chewee Scud – Hans Stephenson

This looks like bubble gum for trout. It’s a wild patterns the I’d love to try out. I do have on concern with the weight placement, as it will likely keel the hook, but, given that the fly will likely be suspended vertically for a stillwater application, that won’t matter too much. I love the color, and the gummy look. As always, Hans ties up a great looking fly.



Rainy’s Gold Bead-Back Scud

Cassie Sulzby demonstrates tying Rainy’s Gold Bead-Back Scud, as simple scud pattern for targeting trout. I’ve tied thousands of scuds, but I have never seen one done quite like this. Take a look at Cassie’s technique for creating the dubbing legs on this scud. I like it, but i would try a stiffer dubbing like seal here, and perhaps add a bit into the body. This fly in yellow, tan, olive and browns is gonna be killer in the ponds. Thanks for sharing the technique!