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Crappie Stinger

Okay, first let me say that you’ll probably want to turn your sound down when you visit this site. The sound of running water worked great at getting my bladder emptied. So, I debated sharing this pattern for that fact alone, but also because it’s clearly an intruder pattern being called a “stinger”. Meh! Let’s just call it a Crappie Intruder. The fly is well presented and the range of colors presented is really great. I’m planning on fishing some crappie this year, so I’ll tie a few to see how well they like it.



All Red Spey – Rocky Maley

The name certainly says it all. Red, with a dash of blue thrown in to funk it up. Beautiful fly with step-by-step instruction. Keep them coming!

There is also a beautiful selection of flies for sale, speys, and hairwings.

All Red - Rocky Maley
All Red - Rocky Maley


Tag: red mylar tied well forward and long
Butt: blue ostrich
Body: back 1/2 red mylar front 1/2 red ice dubbing
Rib: small silver flat tinsel
Body: hackle black blue eared pheasant
Throat: Gadwall
Wing: 4 red hackle tips


New Nymph Head Patterns Posted

Woot! 20 new patterns are now posted up on Flymen Fishing Co. The patterns are the flies featured on the Nymph-Head™ Heavy Metal and FlyColor™ retail packaging. you can check out all the patterns here (Flymen Fishing Co)

Ed Berg's Caddis Larva
Ed Berg's Caddis Larva

Ed Berg’s Caddis Larva
Hook: #10 scud TMC 2488 or Dai-Riki 125
Bead: Mayfly Brown color 1/8” Nymph-Head Heavy Metal™ tungsten bead
Thread: 3/0 white
Body: Rainy’s Large natural Round Rubber Legs
Body Coating: Softex clear flexible coating