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Lefty's Deceiver

Like the Clouser Minnow, the Lefty’s Deceiver has reached an almost mythical status in the realm of fly fishing. There is an unofficial contest being waged on which pattern is responsible for more species to hand. At last count, the Clouser was pegged with 106 species of fish with the Deceiver close behind. Think of the Deceiver as a template rather than a specific pattern. By Changing out aspects of the fly, you can create an endless array of patterns in sizes targeting trout up to monstrous concoctions tendered for hunting the largest of saltwater quarry.

Here we have another video by Captin Coery. Enjoy.



DT Special – Tuffleye

I’ve been playing around with some saltwater patterns and Tuffleye lately. Here is a saltwater patten I tied up called the DT Special for targeting saltwater species. I used Tuffleye from Wet a Hook technologies on this fly in place of epoxy. The Tuffleye is nice as I don’t need to mix it, or use a wheel to set it.

 The pattern was developed by Captain Duane White for targeting snook. It imitates a minnow, so I wouldn’t hesitate to try my hand at targeting pike with this fly. In fact, some of the pike flies I have tied up in the past were based on this type of tarpon fly design. No harm in trying.

DT Special Saltwater Fly

Hook: Mustad 34007 #10-2/0
Thread: White 6/0
Tail: White neck hackles
Flash: Peal Krystal Flash
Collar: Palmered white neck hackle
Head: Build up with thread and covered with tuffleye
Eyes: 3D Prism Stick-on eyes