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Kelsey's Hope

Here is a cool little West coast saltwater Coho salmon pattern. The patterns is pretty sparse, something tyers often have a hard time with, often bulking up patterns too much. If you have some polar bear or yak handy, they would also work nicely on this pattern. I’m looking forward to seeing more salmon patterns from this youtuber. Enjoy.

Kelsey’s Hope
Hook: Mustad 34007
Thread: Red or Black 3/0
Body: Silver mylar under 15lb mono wrapped tight
Underwing: Pearl crystal flash
Wing: Blue bucktail over green bucktail (sparse)
Head: Thread / glue


Bucanero – Aaron Caldwell

We don’t often feature saltwater flies on the blog, but they are an important part of the fly tyers diet. The good folks at Fish Tales Flyshop in Calgary have been busy adding some quality tutorials to their site. The shop organizes trips to warmer climates and they also have a selection of flies and materials to service that clientele.

This patterns features a Enrico Puglisi dubbing brush to give some bulk to the body. The material is nice to fish with with and I use the unwound version in streamer wings quite often. When it gets wet, it has a nice translucent appearance.

Here is a quote from the site about how the pattern came to be.

This bone fish fly has an interesting history. It is actually a combination of ideas that were introduced to me by two different tiers; David Blair and Terry Johnson. Terry makes a palmered rabbit hair fly with splayed feathers out the back that he calls the 10X10. Named that because on one of Terry’s trips to Cayo Coco it caught 10 good bones by 10 in the morning. David suggested using the Enrico Shrimp brush instead of the palmered rabbit hair to achieve the same type of fly.

Happy tying.

Bucanero - Aaron Caldwell
Bucanero - Aaron Caldwell

Bucanero Recipe – Click here for the tutorial at Fish Tales Flyshop

Hook: Daiichi x point or 2546 #4
Thread: Fluorescent pink or red flat waxed nylon by Danville
Dubbing: Shrimp pink ice dub or Enrico shrimp dub in pink
Claws: 4 hen cape feathers
Body: Enrico shrimp brush in pink.
Eyes: bead chain or x-small lead depending on depth of water to be fished.


Polar Extreme Pot Belly Pig

Here is a popular sea run species pattern tied up on a weighted tube. One material on this fly I have never used is the Pig’s Bristle, and so now I need to track some down. The dyed jungle cock is also a rarity over here in North America unless you want to dye it yourself. As always, a great looking fly and lots of tips to be had in this lesson.