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James Warren: Tasty Toad fly tying pattern tutorial video by The Weekly Fly

James Warren: Tasty Toad fly tying pattern tutorial video

James Warren has been tying commercially since he was 12 years old. He has guided for 9 years and fished all over the world.

The Tasty Toad is a great saltwater flats pattern invented by a guy named Harry Spear. It is a great permit pattern, a bonefish fly patterns in smaller sizes, a tarpon fly pattern in larger sizes and you can feel free to mix up the colors.


Hook: Stainless Steel, Size 2
Thread: Chartreuse 6/0
Eyes: Lead eyes, zap a gapped to hook
Tail: Tan marabou tips, grizzly hackle tips, 2 – 4 strands tan midge flash per side on the tail
Body: Chartreuse Ice Fur

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Fl. Pink Fox Shrimp by Mattias Faltsetas

Fl. Pink Fox Shrimp

Material list

Gamakatsu F314 #4
TSD Supreme Fox Hair Magenta
Hareline Ice Dub Fl. Hot Pink
Whiting Coq De Leon White Dyed Pink
Easy Shrimp Eyes Black
Easy Shrimp Legs 2.0 Super Fl. Transparent
Flydressing Krystal Flash Pearl
Flydressing Mallard Natural
Textreme 8/0 White

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Merkin Crab by The Fly Pack

Let;s face it, tying saltwater crab flies can be a real drag, but if you are serious about getting into stripped bass, permit and bonefish, it’s something you will need to deal with. The Merkin Crab is a good candidate for tyers just getting started with crab patterns. The legs can either be tied in between bunches of EP Fibers, or simply tied with an overhand knot once the body is complete. The EP fiber colors can be alternated to give a little more realistic coloration to the fly. You can tie the fly on smaller hooks, but the EP finer bunches limit the amount of bundles you can tie onto a shank. A size 2 should allow 5-6 clumps, and a good size for the fly. Size 4 hooks will be more along the 4-5 bunch limit.

Merkin Crab Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Saltwater hook #2
Thread: 210 Denier
Weight: black barbell eye weighted (lead or brass)
Mouth / tail: Marabou
Claws: Grizzly saddle hackle
Body: EP Fiber
Legs: Round rubber legs or silicone skirt legs

You can follow The Fly pack on vimeo and check out their Made in the USA Monthly subscription boxes at theflypack.com