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Doug McKnight: Rasta Puff fly tying pattern tutorial From The Weekly Fly

Doug McKnight: Rasta Puff fly tying pattern tutorial
Doug puts the weight on in this heavy multi purpose fly.

This pattern is a new take on the mini puff which is a renowned bonefish fly pattern.

Rasta Puff fly pattern recipe:
Hook: Std Saltwater #2-8
Thread: UTC 140 color to suit
Eyes: Bead chain
Wing: Polar fiber color to suit, spanflex, flash
Legs: spanflex, colored with permanent marker
Head: Antron Crystal chenille, color and size to suit

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Charlie Has Worms

Charlie Has Worms! This is what happens when you leave a San Juan Worm and a Gotcha locked in a fly box together. Well, my Crazy Charlie got mixed up with a Squirmy Wormy. I ordered some sea anemone aquarium decorations to play around with. I like this material as it has some incredible stretch and doesn’t cut too easily with thread. I use 6/0 thread and haven’t had any slice through. The material has a good stretch and is really durable. The hardest part of the fly is getting the tentacle to sit right. Make sure to tie into the bend and have a look at the tail before you commit to it.

So, the pattern came to me not long ago while tying an order of Squirmy Wormy flies for a client. I found the aquarium sea anemone while searching for more worms and thought it would be worth a try. http://amzn.to/2D2EVgI – (Amazon affiliate link) there are a few different colors, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow and blue. This might also be a good start to a bass or carp fly. I’ll have to keep messing around.

Charlie Has Worms Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad S71SNP-DT #2-8
Thread: Pink Unithread 6/0 (140d)
Eyes: 3.2mm Silver bead chain
Tail: Silicone tentacle
Body: Pearl Flashabou 8-10 strands
Wing: Light pink fox or craft fur
Flash: U.V. pearl ice dubbing

If you like this pattern, check out the Crazy Charlie.


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The White Shrimp from Hedron Fly Tying

I love the look of this white shrimp with it’s the minimal hint of pink added to the rear. The fly uses Spey hackles for the body and nice buggy dubbing. I’d like to try out this fly pattern in a couple shades of pink and orange for the west coast steelhead. The fly has a wonderful profile when wet and is a relatively simple pattern to tie.


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