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Bonnie Bell – Wilson Sporting Camps

I think it’s Doug Kinsman(?) from Wilson Sporting Camps tying up this sweet little double for the Miramichi river in New Brunswick. The fly is named for Bonnie Wilson and tied with lots of green, a color popular on the river. Enjoy!

Hook: Double salmon hook
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tag: Holographic gold flat mylar
Body: Green flat mylar
Wing: Black rabbit
Flash: Metallic green flash
Collar: Green hen hackle
Eyes: Jungle cock nails
Head: Black thread



Sweeney Todd – Davie McPhail

Davie is a magical tyer and I always love to watch this master at work. This is a great salmon / steelhead pattern tied up on one of Alec Jackson’s steelhead irons, a nice hook to tie on. I’ve got a couple tied up for the fall to try out on the great lakes tribs. Let’s see them pass this one up. If you don’t have the Bug Bond product Davie uses, you could also use Tuffleye, Clear Goo or knotsense for this application.

Hook: Alec Jackson Steelhead
Thread: Hot pink UTC 140
Rib: Silver Oval tinsel
Body: Black floss rear 2/3, pink Globrite floss (set with bug bond resin) 1/3
Wing: Black dyed sliver fox with grizzly hackle lateral lines (cheek)
Beard: Red dyed fox hair
Eye: Stick on eye
Head: Uni 8/0 black, Epoxy or light set resin



Alaskabou Showgirl – Darren MacEachern

The Alaskabou like many fly patterns has evolved from other successful fly patterns. The Alaskabou has been credited to George Cook whom used his selection of colour combinations to pursue Alaskan steelhead and salmon. George added Flashabou to increase the amount of attraction in the Marabou Spider. In the 1970’s Skagit River Steelhead guide Joe Butorac was credited with creating Marabou Spiders. Basically, the Marabou Spiders were palmered marabou without the benefit of Krystal Flash or Flashabou. Over the years, the pattern has evolved to be tied with or with out bodies, palmered and unpalmered marabou, with and without flash and some are tied completely with marabou while others employ mallard or schlappen collars.


Showgirl Alaskabou - Complete
Showgirl Alaskabou - Complete

The following pattern demonstrated is the pattern I use to tie my Alaskabou style marabou flies. The fly is simple, and once you have selected the proper materials, it is a breeze to tie. Although the Alaskabou was tied with Flashabou, I do substitute Krystal Flash. The Show Girl is a pink and purple combination popularized by George Cook. The Show Girl is popular for targeting west coast salmon and steelhead. Some of the other names you may have heard associated with Alaskabou are Candy Cane, Chum Candy, Flesh, Blue Moon, Pixie’s Revenge, Manhattan Beach and Popsicle to name a few. In a follow up article, I will post images of a number of Alaskabou colour schemes and recipes.

Showgirl Alaskabou - Materials
Showgirl Alaskabou - Materials

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