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Brad’s Brat – Jay Nicholas

Brad’s Brat is a pretty classic steelhead fly for the northwest, and there are many versions of this chromer fly out there. Jay Nicholas of Caddisflyshop.com twists up his own classic here is this video. Personally, I’ve been tying tons of flies using fox hair and I’m quite fond of the stuff. It’s like marabou when it gets wet, but it has some real strength and can take a beating. The CDL is a great addition to the pattern with its natural speckling.

Hook: VMC (Tiemco) 7999 #2/#4
Thread: Black 6/0 or 140 denier
Rib: Small or medium gold oval tinsel
Tail: Lemon wood duck fibers
Rear: Hot orange UNI-Yarn
Front: Chinese red UNI-Yarn
Hackle: Webby Coq De Leon
Wing: White fox
Overwing: Orange fox
Topping: Hot Orange Krystal Flash


White Intruder – SalmonidSeeker (Dustin)

I’ve just started to see the first signs of the fall run of steelhead and salmon climbing into the GL tribs the past week or so and with some rains in the forecast, we could start to see the migration start right away. I’ve featured on of Dustin’s flies on here before, and I enjoy his take on the usual. This intruder has a bugger style tail added and has a nice wispy profile in the water. This one is tied on a long shank streamer hook, but really, you’ll want to find a shank or a tube for this. Myt only beef with the pattern would be to pack the materials into the dubbing ball a little tighter to get more volume, but I really liked how it looked in the water.