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Kinermony Killer – Davie McPhail

I am always amazed at just how much material Davie can pack onto a hook. This is a great salmon fly, and you could tie it on a tube or single hook as well. The finish on the head is pretty interesting and could open up some new possibilities with other colors of flash tied and glued down.

Hook: Size 7 Silver Salar Double
Thread: Red Uni 8/0
Tag: Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Rib: Small Silver Wire
Body: Silver Holographic Tinsel and Black Floss
Middle Hackle: Yellow Chinese Cock or Hen
Hackles: Hot Orange and Blue Chinese Hen or Cock
Wing: Krystal Flash Bucktail dyed Black, Yellow and Orange
Eyes: Jungle cock
Head: Red Thread and Krystal Flash


Wulff’s Surface Stone Fly (Variant) – Davie McPhail

This is a neat variant of Lee Wulff’s original “Secret weapon” for Atlantic salmon. I’ve tied a few of the originals (well, not exactly the original as I didn’t use a molded plastic body) and had used a bent straight pin for the post with a yellow bead. I really like Davie’s use of the mono post here. If you have fished the Gaspe, you have likely seen this pattern or have had it recommended to you. Flyspoke has a great little article posted on the evolution of the pattern and a nice collection of images to accompany.