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Flies from Flickr.com from the Fishing Flies Pool

Here are a few images from the Flickr.com Fishing Flies Group. There are quite a few impressive flies in this collection and it is ever growing.

The Floodtide - 4/0
The Floodtide 4/0

Black Doctor Atlantic Salmon Fly

The Black Doctor Salmon Fly

L'Ugon Streamer chica

L’Ugon Streamer chica


The Alexandra Wet

Enjoy, I’m sure there will be a future post on more flies from this series. Click Here to view the entire group of images.


Ogden Smiths Salmon Flies on Auction

Just found a few interesting lots of Ogden Smiths flies.

#2 and #6 Mar Lodge Salmon Fly
#2 and #6 Mar Lodge Salmon Fly

#4 Silver Dr. #4 Thunder and Lightning

#4 Blue Charm & #4 Silver Grey

#4/0 Wilkinson

#1/0 Silver Dr. and #1 Jock Scott

#4/0 Thunder & Lightning

#4 Jock Scott & #8 Red Terror.

Looks to be some really good deals on these flies at the moment. Happy bidding!


Blue Comet – Jay Nicholas

I like the blue flies for big salmon and steelhead around this time of year (mid fall) and, wow, I really love that sweet looking blue grizzly hackle. This is a quick pattern and could easily be made a bit heavier for faster / deeper flows.

Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie a low water chinook salmon comet fly pattern. This simple fly utilizes traditional comet style techniques with Ice Dub for the body. The pattern is considered low water because it lacks bead chain or lead eyes. Eyes could be added to the pattern depending upon water clarity and depth.