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Soft Milking Eggs

This at least solves one mystery for me. Why did Montana fly Co. call those soft eggs “Otter’s Soft Milking Eggs“? It’s because of this guy, Walt “Otter” Mueller. This is a nice somewhat complex egg pattern. You might have missed how the red bead got inside the egg, but it’s just slid into the egg before you slip it onto the hook. The result is a realistic looking egg and another quick tie.


Kelsey's Hope

Here is a cool little West coast saltwater Coho salmon pattern. The patterns is pretty sparse, something tyers often have a hard time with, often bulking up patterns too much. If you have some polar bear or yak handy, they would also work nicely on this pattern. I’m looking forward to seeing more salmon patterns from this youtuber. Enjoy.

Kelsey’s Hope
Hook: Mustad 34007
Thread: Red or Black 3/0
Body: Silver mylar under 15lb mono wrapped tight
Underwing: Pearl crystal flash
Wing: Blue bucktail over green bucktail (sparse)
Head: Thread / glue