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How to Tie an Intruder Steelhead Fly Tying by Kevin Hospodar

How to Tie an Intruder Steelhead Fly Tying

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From Kevin Hospodar:
“A different take on an intruder. Materials with a lot of movement and very little bulk. The shank and some medium eyes with these materials will help to get it t down and fishing.”

– 35mm waddington shank http://bit.ly/2USMX4l
– z4 intruder hook http://bit.ly/2tf20JL
– Medium brass eyes
– pink frosty dubbing http://bit.ly/2UPJGCL
– UV peacock eyes
– Pink Schlappen
– Lagartun French Flatbriad
– Arctic fox – blue
– black schlappen
– blue flash
– pink hackle tips
– Tip dyed marabou


Hard Body Ant – Curtis Fry

I love the pattern recipe here, and it’s sad but true these days with (crappy) grizzly saddle hackle patches selling for $600 (Wow, yes 600 bucks for an old Hoffman grade 3). This is a slick looking ant, and I am assuming that the foam on the fly will keep it afloat with a very light coating of the resin. even if it doesn’t float, it’s a beautiful fly the I have no doubt will catch its fair share.


Hook: TMC 200r #14
Thread: 8/0 (70 den) rusty brown
Body: 1mm foam coated with Clear goo or similar
Hackle: Brown saddle hackle “…plucked from a woman’s head.”


Widow Spruce Moth – Walter Wiese

Walter does a great job on this fly and explains some of the downfalls / limitations of other spruce moth imitations. The first 3 and a half minutes go through a number of the common patterns used to imitate the moth, and the final time is dedicated to the Widow. Walter gives praise to the MFC threads, and I’m going to have to check these out. I’ve got mostly UNI on my bobbins right now, but the MFC sounds like it’s worth checking out.


HOOK: short shank dry, #14.
THREAD: 6/0 sand MFC (or 8/0 tan UNI).
BODY: sandy print spruce moth DK Dubbing, or equivalent.
WING: stack of tan and beige Widow’s Web.
HACKLE: light ginger or barred ginger, trimmed underneath.