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CDC & Elk Emerger – Roman Moser

I love this little emerger pattern tied up with 2 of my favorite dry fly materials, CDC and elk hair. While this does share some similarity in material to the CDC & Elk pattern that takes up the majority of room in my fly box, this particular pattern also adds a couple more ingredients. The body is comprised of a biot, and will sink subsurface quite quickly while the CDC will provide a stable platform to float the upper part of the fly. I’m quite interested to see the results of this fly and will report back after I get a chance to test it out.



Chernobyl Hopper – Roman Moser

This version of the Chernobyl Hopper is quite a bit different from the one I grew up with. This is an interesting version of the fly with 2 different colors of legs and the deer hair wing. The dubbing looks great on this fly as well. The narration is in Russian, but you should be able to follow watching the video. If you like the Chernobyl Hopper, you should also check out the Chernobyl Ant, a pattern I’ve had tons of success on in the past.