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Tying the simple Reverse Bulkhead (Pike Fly) by Paul Monaghan

Tying the simple Reverse Bulkhead (Pike Fly)

An adaptation of Bob Popovics awesome Bulkhead design using Hedron Pearl Glow Flashabou and Strung Fuzzy Fibre over the reversed bucktail. This quick and simple to tie pattern really moves well and pops in the water. The pike love it!

Material List:
Hook: Ahrex Trout Predator 610 4/0
Thread: GSP 100D white
Bucktail in white and sunburst yellow
Hedron Flash and Fibres: Pearl a Glow Magnum white, Pearl a Glow standard orange, Standard Flashabou white and Strung Fuzzy Fibre orange
Tail: Nayat (snow runner) white or sub with JBM Pike Skinz or ostrich
Natural grizzly saddle or sub with Deer Creek grizzly ostrich
Eyes are optional, but use tape eyes and cover with Deer Creek Fine Flex UV

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