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Fly Tying with Ryan – Synthetic Quill Mayfly by Hans Stephenson

Fly Tying with Ryan – Synthetic Quill Mayfly

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We call this fly the Killer Quill, and for good reason – when fish aren’t eating anything else, they dig skinny mayfly patterns. Super simple & effective pattern, plus it’s a quick tie. If you have picky fish eating little mayfly nymphs, this is a pattern to definitely have in your box. Brown, yellow, olive, and black are all good bets, but various other colors can work just as well. This fly might not look like much, but it’s a winner!


Aero-Wing Midge – Davie McPhail

The Aero-wing material davie uses in this fly looks quite promising as an alternative to z-lon or -s-lon, but it does lack the sexy translucence the z-lon has. the structure of the fiber should rally float that fly well and I’ll be looking to pick some up to try out. The other thing to note on the fly is the use of the Resin on the legs. I’m betting that the position of the legs really helps play up the realistic look of a bug sitting on the water. I really enjoyed watching this one, I hope you do as well.



Devil Spawn

I have used UV resins for a ton of patterns and have found that they are all good in their own way, some being better than others in terms of usability, dry time, aging and durability. I’ve been watching the videos being put out by the people at Clear Goo, and have been impressed with the flies they have been presenting. This newest fly is designed for bass, and looks pretty sick. I think the pike would love a goo at this little devil as well. the skirt is held in place with the resin, the head formed with resin and they also have a cool little trick for horns that you need to see. I’ll be watching for more from these guys, and will give the goo a try.