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All Red Spey – Rocky Maley

The name certainly says it all. Red, with a dash of blue thrown in to funk it up. Beautiful fly with step-by-step instruction. Keep them coming!

There is also a beautiful selection of flies for sale, speys, and hairwings.

All Red - Rocky Maley
All Red - Rocky Maley


Tag: red mylar tied well forward and long
Butt: blue ostrich
Body: back 1/2 red mylar front 1/2 red ice dubbing
Rib: small silver flat tinsel
Body: hackle black blue eared pheasant
Throat: Gadwall
Wing: 4 red hackle tips


Rojo Midge

This is a great western stream pattern, and I’ve used it on the eastern ones quite a bit as well with some awesome results. It is a sweet looking Chironomid, and I also tie a version in black and olive with the same pattern.

Art Lacinak of theflyfishers.com demonstrates tying the Rojo Midge; an excellent midge pattern from the Driftless Area trout to the trout of the West and East.