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Happy New Year!

We are starting our 5th year here at the Daily Fly Tyer. It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes, especially when you start to age, even slightly. So to start the year off, I’m posting a few eBay finds. What better way to start off the year than to add some great flies to your collection. So here is to a prosperous new year! Tight Lines.

It’s been a while since a Carrie Stevens fly came up for auction. Here is your chance to own one with authentication from Graydon R. Hilyard and Leslie K. Hilyard the authors of Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies, a must have for any streamer aficionado. This may be a bargain starting at only 175, but I would expect the bidding to go to 250-300. This same seller potamanthus also has a great looking set of 50 Ora Smith streamers for sale.

Carrie Stevens Blue Devil

Keeping with the Rangeley theme, streamer Legend Jim Warner has also continued with his collectible series Carrie Stevens flies. Jim plans to create about 20 of these sets, each with a bonus Grey Ghost. The wonderful thing about these flies is that they are all tied on antique Allcock 2811 hooks, something quite rare to find.

Jim Warner – 3 Carrie Stevens Flies

For anyone looking to start a collection of hard to find feathers, this auction has a great assortment. Included in this auction is Silver Pheasant, Andersons Pheasant, Tragopan Satyr Pheasant, Tragopan Trimmick Pheasant, Tragopan Western sub, Gray peacock Pheasant, Germain Peacock Pheasant, Malay Peacock Pheasant, Rotchild Peacock Pheasant, Grey Jungle Fowl, Mikado Pheasant, Ijima Copper Pheasant, Ringneck pheasant, Lady Amerst Pheasant, Turkey Pheasant and Impeyan Monal Pheasant. This seller, bobfly.2007, is one I’ve book marked for all the great items they put up. Lots of auctions for feathers and some nice salmon irons.

Rare lot Tragopan Pheasant diiferent pairs feathers

The last items is this wonderful looking tortoise shell fly box with 12 gut eye Spey flies. These are some very old flies and a beautiful box to house them.

Hardy Neroda tortoise shell fly box with 12 Spey flies

Happy bidding!


Gray Wolf’s White Tiger

It’s been a while since Streamers by Gray Wolf was on the web. He has since gone into retirement and taken his site offline. I managed to find a few images of his flies out there in the digital landscape and hope to bring a few to the readers here. The first one I tied is called Gray Wolf’s White Tiger. I love this color combination. Tied on a Mustad 3907B #2. This is based off of an tiny image of Gray Wolf’s White Tiger I found. I added the tag, and I’m not sure about the wing. The White may actually go on the outside.


Gray Wolf's White Tiger
Gray Wolf's White Tiger

Hook: Mustad 3907b #2
Thread: White
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Tail: Orange hackle fiber
Body: Pumpkin floss
Rib: Gold flat tinsel
Throat: Orange hackle fibers
Wing: White hackle flanked by grizzly
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black thread


Don Bastian Grey Ghost

A few Don Bastian flies are currently up for bid on eBay. Included in the lot is a nice specimen of the Grey Ghost made famous by Ms. Carrie Stevens. Check out the other Don Bastian item on the block as well. This could be a really nice cache of wet flies for the right bidder. Don tied many of the flies in the Forgotten Flies book written by Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils. While he is best known for the wet flies he ties, he does twist up a mean streamer as well.


Don Bastian Grey Ghost
Don Bastian Grey Ghost
Don Bastian Silver Doctor and Ibis and White Wet Flies
Don Bastian Silver Doctor and Ibis and White Wet Flies