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6 lakes Utah – Fly Fishing Resort and Fishery by McFly Angler

6 lakes Utah – Fly Fishing Resort and Fishery – McFly Angler Episode 61

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This had to be one of the most luxurious places I have ever stayed while fishing. Of course that is not saying much since I like backwoods camping and hiking to get to my normal destinations. However, this was really truly an amazing trip, with an amazing place to stay.

6 Lakes is called that because they have 6, privately owned and stocked lakes on their property. When you stay with them, you have access to all 6 of the lakes, which each offer something different. Granted, its all trout (with the exception of one smallmouth and bluegill pond) but the lakes are all different in fishing style. One seems to do better with streamers, the other does great with dry flies, and nymphing is the name of the game throughout. Different structure underneath and different types of access to each lake makes fishing all 6 lakes a new adventure at each place. You could stay here for over a week, and fish 24/7 and still not get bored.

So the fish not only were all very nice sized fish, but they all pulled very well. Such hard fighters! Seriously I have not ever had trout pull that hard lb per lb. They all had huge heads on them also, in comparison with their bodies. Not sure what caused that. But they were beautiful fish, and spunky.

So if you want to stay at 6 lakes, the fee to rent out that place is not all that bad. I was told it was about $300 each night, and it sleeps up to 12 guys (2 bunkhouses and a few rooms in the main house). So, the cost could be very low if you get a large group. Really reasonable (if not an exceptional deal) for what they offer here. Its located in Altamont Utah, which is about 1-2 hour drive southeast from Salt Lake. If you want to check out their website for more info, here is a link. https://ift.tt/2rmmKym

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Fly Fishing New Zealand – Backcountry – Dry Flys by Trout Hunting NZ

Fly Fishing New Zealand – Backcountry – Dry Flys

Guiding Adam From Ohio USA. Flyfishing for New Zealand trout, we hiked deep in the wilderness and found plenty of hungry rainbows and brown trout. Even a few on dry flies.

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