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Bunny Leech – Barry White NLFT

The Northern Lights Fly tyers out of Edmonton, Alberta are now posting up some of the videos from their weekly meetings. This is great news for me especially as I used to be a member when I lived there. Barry White is a guide on the Bow River and also the best Santa Claus I have ever seen in person. In this video, Barry ties up a simple leech pattern and explains the use of zonkers and cross-cut rabbit. this is essentially the same way to create a flesh fly, just swap out the olive for pink, cream, peach, flame… you get it. Looking forward to seeing a ton more videos from the club



Steelhead Swinger

Here is a nice simple bunny tube tied up by the Oak Orchard Fly Shop. Winter is coming unfortunately, as I was reminded abruptly last night by a good friend over a phone conversation. This should a good addition to the queue of flies planned for tying up over the winter. The tutorial is great for detail, and so you should be able to easily follow. Just swapping out colors on the bunny and the tinsel should give you a nice variety of flies.

Steelhead Swinger fly

Click here to access the tutorial for tying this one up.