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Purple Steelhead Matuka by Piscator Flies

The Steelhead Matuka is an adaptation of the New Zealand method of Matuka flies. The traditional Matukas use feathers for the wing, but the steelhead version uses a rabbit strip. While the pattern has been developed as a “steelhead” fly, I think it will make a great fly to use in pursuit of other trout, salmon, pike, and bass.

Steelhead Matuka Fly Recipe

Hook: #1/0 Superfly Salmon hook HKSHW
Thread: 6/0 black
Rib: Black Brassie wire
Body: Purple and black Laser Dubbing
Wing: Rabbit zonker
Collar: Purple schlappen


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Micro Pick Streamer by Rich Strolis

I’ve got a small box of bitty rabbit strips that I dip into from time to time, but the more big rabbit patterns I tie, the fuller that box is getting. Rich is offering this micro streamer to help cull the pile a little bit. This video takes you through the steps of tying his gold variation of the pattern.

Hook: Partridge Predator #2-8
Thread: UTC 140
Tail: Rabbit strip
Body: Flat diamond braid
Wing and collar: Rabbit strip
Head: Fish Skull / Fish Mask & 3D eye

Video via Rich Strolls on Vimeo. Please take a moment to visit and check out some of his other videos.