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Copper Bunny Streamer by Bozeman Creative

The Copper Bunny streamer looks like a promising pattern for fishing trout rivers and pike lakes. This meaty streamer will ride hook up and the weighted eyes and body will help the fly descend to the feeding depths in short order. The pattern should be easy enough to switch up the colors to create a range of lures for different situations. White, olives, all black, and combinations should cover the bases.

Copper Bunny Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Thread: GSP 100 Veevus – Black
Hook: Firehole Stick 839 – size 4
Weight: .025 Lead or Lead-Free Wire
Eyes: Large Double Pupil Brass Eyes
Tail: Magnum Bunny Strip – Black
Under Tail: Ripple Ice Fiber – Orange
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dub – Crusty Nail/Flame
Legs: Sili Legs Crome – Copper/Black


Youtube: Bozeman Creative


Purple Prospector tied by Matt Powell

The Purple Prospector is a simple fly that Matt ties for the summer steelhead run on the west coast. This attractor steelhead pattern is weighted with a tungsten bead, and will not need much help to get down deep into the strike zone once it’s been saturated. The classic steelhead and salmon combination of pink and purple are a proven color mix for steelhead angler. The fly as tied by Matt is fairly heavily dubbed, and is sure to get bushy once it’s met a few steelhead teeth. It might be a good idea to give it a head start with a light brushing before it hits the water. It is a simple pattern that I will adapt slightly for a shot at some pike.

Purple Prospector fly pattern recipe

Shank: OPST 32mm steelhead shank
Bead: Black tungsten (7/32)
Thread: 140 denier (6/0) Black thread
Trailer wire: Senyo’s Intruder Wire purple
Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus or equivalent #2/4
Body: Ice Dubbing purple
Wing: Rabbit zonker purple
Collar: Cherise saddle hackle (strung) then Senyo’s Fusion dubbing midnight


Youtube Channel: Caddis Fly Angling Shop
Youtube Video: Purple Prospector fly pattern
Facebook: Caddis Fly Shop
Website: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog
Website: Caddis Fly Shop


MOAL Leech Demo

I’ve seen quite a few tutorials on tying up these popular flies. Most are poorly done and make it difficult to grasp the concept. Jay Nicholas has tied up a simple version of the fly using 2 vises (It can be done using one) and a product called Tear Mender. There are lots of great little tips included for tying up this style of steelhead fly. The best tip of the clip is the suggestion to use the stainless steel hook. Check it out to see why. Nicely done.