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Bernie’s Bunny – Russell Miller

You’ll want to pull out a bigger rod to cast this lake trout fly. Casting a sweat sock comes to mind when I see just how big this pattern is. If you plan on tying these, I would suggest getting your rabbit strips by the pelt or half pelt, as each one looks to take a whole strip to tie. I love the head, and the UV resins of recent times have been a real bonus to the fly tyer. Although this is designed for lake trout, might I suggest throwing this to some pike, bass, gar and musky?


A Generic Bunny Spey-ish pattern

Two weekends ago, I spent the weekend tying flies in the Flyangler.ca and flyfishcalgary.com booth at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition. I had a pile of rabbit and some streamer hooks, donated by Superfly, so myself and a few other tyers whipped off a large box of flies to give away. (I’ll post this bit somewhere down the road) Anyhow, To fill this huge box, we opted to tie a few “larger” flies and so put the rabbit to good use. Here is the rough idea I used for a good portion of the flies I tied. it just so happens that the good folks at Double Fisted use the same pattern. I’m thinking bull trout or pike for the first shot. 🙂

 Pattern From the Bunny Ranch – Click for the recipe

Generic Bunny Spey