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Pheasant Tail Catgut Nymph | Fly Tying for Trout by Kevin Hospodar

The pheasant tail nymph is probably the most (or top 3) most popular nymphs in fly fishing. It is simple, effective, and mimics a wide range of trout food. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel on this, just a swap on some materials to add some simplicity while maintaining the effectiveness.

Hook – Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme sz 10 – http://bit.ly/2ADCBO3
Thread – Lagartun 95D copper
Tail – Pheasant tail fibers
Body – Catgut – http://bit.ly/2SOnZmd
Thorax – Brown Deer Hair Dubbing – http://bit.ly/2ADCCS7
Wing case – Lagartun French flat braid

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