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Sticky Sculpin – Bruce Berry (Protubes)

Bruce Berry of Pro Tube Fly Systems demonstrates how to tie really cool sculpin pattern on a Pro Tube Micro Tube. It’s not an overly complex pattern, and so if you don’t have tons of experience tying sculpins, this is a great on to hone your skills on.

Tube: Pro Micro Tube w/ Pro Hook Guide (Matched color)
Weight: 4mm Pro Drop Weight
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tag: 4 turns of UV Polar Chenille Olive
Tail: Olive rabbit zonker (variant)
Body: Barred olive Marabou x2 palmered then 2 turns of orange Guinea fowl
Fins: Partridge feather
Head: Olive Deer belly hair
Hook: #2-4 tube fly hook