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Howitzer Popper Heads from Flymen Fishing Co.

I’ve been tying poppers with Flymen Fishing Co .¬†Surface Seaducer foam popper heads for a while and really enjoyed the results so far. The newest product from the line is a baitfish inspired head designed for bigger articulated minnow patterns.

“The Howitzer is a next-generation soft foam popper head that provides new options for tying articulated baitfish poppers. The Howitzer imitates the head of a small baitfish that is splashing and sipping at the surface of the water. It’s designed with a deep recess at the back of the head so that an articulated body and tail of a minnow can be embedded seamlessly into the back of the head. As a result, the body of the minnow hangs down in the water (roughly at a 45-degree angle) and moves enticingly in a position that can be seen by predatory fish from a long distance and offers them an irresistible profile and an easy opportunity for a meal!”

Surface Seducer Howitzer
Surface Seducer Howitzer

Here is a simple articulated Howitzer Bustin’ Baitfish pattern from Flymen below which gives you a nice look at how the heads fit onto the hook and how they work with body wrapped materials.

If you would like to try it out for yourself or would like some more information, visit the product page on the Flymen Fishing Co. website.


Fire Tiger Popper

A lot of work goes into these poppers and it’s a great site to take in. With an airbrush and some creativity, you could have a nice collection of Bass and Pike bait. If you don’t have the set-up to paint the heads your self, you can always get them pre-painted. I know of a spot I’d love to try these out at.

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Top Water Bass

My friend Robert over at Castingoutloud.com has put together a nice video tutorial about tying up a top water Bass fly. There are a couple techniques to note as he ties with GSP (Gel Spun Polyethylene) and uses some nice methods to trim the fly to shape. This looks like a great fly for Bass species and perhaps even some large trout.

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